Finding the right KPIs for LTE Networks

Posted by Scott Sumner on Friday, February 06, 2015 with No comments

On yesterday's Infonetics webinar on February 5th we focused on what, where and when measurements should be conducted to gain a full view of LTE network performance.

Network optimization has played a critical role in mobile networks since their inception two decades ago. With the advent of ‘big analytics’ and large amounts of performance monitoring data collection from many different systems in the network, it’s becoming difficult to know which key performance indicators (KPI) to focus on, and even harder to distill them into actionable metrics.

Our views on this stem from our solutions monitoring over 150,000 cell sites worldwide, and our close partnership with our mobile operator customers.

Some key points we explored:
  • In general, too many KPIs don't solve the problem of network performance visibility.  Conflicting alarms from transient outliers and imprecise measurements can cause a sea of red in the NOC.
  • While latency, synchronization, delay variation, packet loss and utilization are more important than ever, with multiple classes of service to each tower, concurrent support for legacy 3G infrastructure, and the addition of small cells increasing service endpoints, even a handful of metrics can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Bottom line: how you measure, how you analyze can be more important than the quantity of metrics.  Quality over quantity.
We looked at the fundamentals that should be in place to monitor and optimize LTE networks, as well as VoLTE and other services running on them.  The replay is now available.

Click here to watch the replay


Duration: 45 min + Q&A

  • Stéphane Téral, Principal Analyst, Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics, Infonetics Research
  • Scott Sumner, VP Solutions Marketing, Accedian Networks
  • Paul Gowans, Global Mobile Marketing Manager, JDSU
  • JoAnne Emery, Event Director, Infonetics Research (Moderator)