CSIRO develops 10-GBPS microwave backhaul technology

A point-to-point microwave wireless transmission link with the highest physical-layer data rate ever achieved, 10 Gigabits per second in each direction, has been demonstrated by Australia’s national research agency, the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO.

“Current commercial microwave backhaul links typically operate at hundreds of megabits per second,” says Dr. Jay Guo, leader of CSIRO’s broadband research. “CSIRO’s point-to-point microwave technology delivers data rates ten times higher than the most advanced existing microwave backhauls, with very high spectral efficiency.”
CSIRO is working with telecommunications equipment manufacturers who will license the point-to-point technology for use in next-generation telecommunications systems.
The CSIRO technology uses software-defined radio techniques, and can operate in a wide contiguous spectral band or across a number of discontinuous spectral bands, with extremely high spectral efficiency, even in the presence of near-neighbour channels from other users, over a range of up to 50 km, CSIRO says.
When combined with higher-layer data compression techniques, it will deliver even higher client data rates, CSIRO believes.
“Our technology offers the means to achieve multi-gigabit-per-second links with high flexibility at low cost. It will also be valuable for creating links to meet short-term needs, such as emergencies,” said Dr Ian Oppermann, Director of CSIRO’s ICT Centre. “The 10 Gbit/s symmetric data rate is a major advance on what is available in the market,” Dr Oppermann continued.